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We offer coworking spaces to bring business industries together. To inspire, educate and share ideas. Supported by a growing member network and a diverse program of professional and social lifestyle events, we are much more than a workspace, we are a community that’s driven towards developing a better and healthier society. #AmbitionLivesHere

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Sharaj Joss

Common Ground Bukit Bintang has one of the nicest views in all of Kuala Lumpur with no obstruction to the soon to finish TRX. Excellent coworking space with amazing collaborative environment with an active social event calendar. The community team is super friendly, helpful and always greets me with a hug and a pat. I had the opportunity to attend one of their Sunset Happy Hour and had to say, I had a great time. There I met several other digital nomads and freelancers from around the world who were there for their once a month free coworking day. If you’re hesitant to try coworking spaces out, give it a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Nadia Ismail

Love the environment and interior. The big meeting room is really convenient for brainstorming sessions and gathering.

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Alberto Rossini

I have been to several co-working spaces across Europe, and I have seen many in Kuala Lumpur before joining Common Ground Bukit Bintang. After more than 6 months with them I have to say I have found a great place to work. The environment, design and furniture is gorgeous and it inspires me, and the community management team is absolutely outstanding. After just a few weeks they introduced me to a potential client and that for me is priceless. Because let’s face it, what is a co-working without networking opportunities? Ah by the way, they have one of the best Barista in town.

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Kavitha Letchmana

We have conducted International Project Management Conference in Common Ground, TTDI on 5th Nov 19. It was a pleasant ambiance. As an organizer, we loved the venue as well the team who supported to the success of the event. Our audience was very impressive with the uniqueness of the whole set up. Common Ground is awesome! You should experience!

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Rafaela Graf Schreiber

All Common Ground places are amazing, the best coworking spaces in KL for sure! The space is really nice and the view is breathtaking

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Mei Yi Yeap

beautiful spanking new co working space, and events space. quite accessible as it is near the MRT but the lobby is on the other side of UOB Damansara, so can be a bit confusing.

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