You’re a Podcast Person Now!

Get your favorite drink, put on your headphones and tune in to these. There’s something here for everyone, from the charming, cheery and touching to some really downright funny listens. Enjoy!

Local Favourites

Mamak Sessions features your average joes chilling talking about everything Malaysian. Their episode of overcoming insecurities and expectations with Deborah Henry and how she was able to overcome her own insecurities and succeed.


BFM is no stranger to the podcasting industry. From business to tech, politics and even music, BFM has it all. Try This At Home (their exclusive podcast series during the MCO) teaches listeners how they can carry out certain projects that can be done at home. Check out the first episode: Edisi Repair Rumah DIY


For your take on local gossip, don’t forget to check out Malam Jumaat. Featuring a list of homegrown celebrities and influencers, this podcast dives into the world of entertainment, news making headlines and just all things random. A CG recommended episode for some interesting content, listen to the episode with Mellisa Th’ng.


Arnold Loh and Lucas Lau’s The Fashion Weak is a funny take on the local fashion styles. The jacket that costs more than a car & a RM5,000 tote bag is recommended if you want to know some of the latest stay at home trends; like why you should be watching Money Heist on Netflix.


International Favourites


Stocked up on groceries but now you’re uninspired by the task of having to cook it all? Check out this award-winning podcast, The Sporkful, specifically the Where All The Chefs Are Grandmas episode that will inspire you to use that pasta that’s in your kitchen.


For home bakers, we recommend Preheated. If you enjoying baking just as much as the hosts, this podcast will totally put your mind in a different and happier place. Their April theme is Sweet and Sour, so head on and check out the episode for that.


For entertaining conversations, check out Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. The tone of this podcast is slightly different than his show, and we definitely recommend Conan’s Tig Notaro interview for a shot of joy.

This is The Read



Another way to feel as though you’re hanging out with friends is by tuning in to this pop culture podcasting duo Crissle and Kid Fury on The Read. Their episode, We Can Read From Home is their funny take on what people having been doing from their homes during this pandemic.


Judge John Hodgman will not fail you as Judge John decides low-stakes (usually) disputes between friends and family. The advice is always thoughtful, often hilarious and occasionally touching. Listen to A Hot Dog is Not a Sandwich for a good laugh.


BBC: Short Cuts - Call Me series 22



Do you think your ears can appreciate art? Tune in to Short Cuts called Call Me to see what we mean. It’s a presentation of short documentaries and adventures in sound about phones.


There you have it, a list of some our favourite podcasts to tune in to. If we left out any that you’d like us to shout out or have a topic you would like us to talk about, drop us a message on any of our platforms!


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