What is Hybrid Work?

Let’s start off with the basics: what does hybrid work actually mean? Hybrid refers to a blend of office and remote work and the organisation choosing how to split where their employees work.

There’s a variety of hybrid strategies that businesses can implement:

Office First

The organisation is choosing the office as the dominant workplace. With employees given some flexibility to work from home or remotely.

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Remote First

The organisation is choosing remote work to be the primary approach for most (if not) all employees. Of course there are some exceptions – especially if their job role requires their physical presence in the office. But in most cases, processes and meetings will take place virtually with remote-first the default for most employees.

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The organisation is choosing a model that businesses require their employees to spend three days in the office and two days at home (or vice versa). This is ideal for businesses that regard team bonding and collaboration as core components of the company culture.

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Office Occasional

The organisation has the ability to assign days where an employees physical presence is required. This can be to improve collaboration, conduct team building exercises or for significant company meetings.

Designated WFH Days

The organisation allows their employees to allocate specific days to work from home. This can be on days where no meetings or discussion sessions are scheduled.


With hybrid models, each organisation will implement customised guidelines and expectations for its employees.

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