Rain, rain come again!

We’ve been blessed with everyday showers lately and we thought why not make use of it. A little bit of mindful living won’t hurt us and if you’re so inclined, here are five suggestions on what to do with collected sky juice. Get your buckets ready!

Doing Laundry.jpg

Doing your laundry
Haven’t heard of this use of rainwater? Well, you’d have to filter the rainwater first before you can use it to hand wash some of your laundry. Treat your collected rainwater with some chlorine and it’s good to go after that.

Washing your car.jpg

Washing your car
Completely free, you can save cost on water consumption when you use rainwater to wash your cars. According to reports, hosepipes can easily use up to an average of 35 litres per wash. So, cut back on that water usage when you wash your vehicle with rainwater. You can even use excess rainwater to wash your driveway.

Water the garden.jpg

Water the garden
Probably the most efficient use of rainwater as rainwater can easily be used for your indoor and outdoor gardens. You will be able to use a watering can to water plants by hand with this rainwater.

General household cleaning.jpg

General household cleaning
Rainwater can be used for all types of cleaning, for both indoors and outdoors. As it has no calcium or chlorine content it is ideal for washing floors and windows. So, try it out.

Outdoor ponds and water features.jpg

Outdoor ponds and water features
For those of you who have a pond or any other water feature at home, collected rainwater will come in handy. You will be able to fill up the water features with any type of rainwater, filtered or unfiltered.

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