How To Choose The Right Coworking Space For Productivity

Struggling to decide on the right coworking space? Here are 12 important factors to consider.

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Coworking spaces started out as a basic concept: people needed a place to work, therefore rooms were outfitted with seats, desks, inkjet printers, and WiFi to meet their demands. The designs have evolved as the demand for this service has expanded. Many of the workplaces we see today are far more high-tech, with a wide range of supplies, tools, and services available to fulfil the demands of employees.

With so many options, it’s not always evident which location will be ideal for a worker straight away. Some coworking spaces are noisy and crowded, while others are modest and peaceful. It’s simple to find various types of offices that appeal to various jobs, personalities, and interests.

If you’re not sure where you or your business fits in, here are the top considerations when speaking to a coworking space.

1. Location

Choose a space in your vicinity with easy parking or public transport access. Check for neighbourhood features: dining and entertainment, hospitals, banks, schools, hotels, gyms, post office, etc. Think about where your potential clients are and the impression of the location and space when they drop by for a meeting. Also, it’s always a good idea to consider where most of your employees are staying and what their commute options are.

2. Office Amenities

Most office spaces will be fitted with the standard equipment, but ask about the extra items like stationery, device chargers, projecters, monitors, etc. Check to see if printing services and conference rooms are included in the price, as well as if access to private spaces, phone booths, and other amenities are available.

Common Ground, for example, attracts all sorts of businesses from diverse backgrounds with its fully-equipped facilities. Members get to hosts seamless meetings or workshops with state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities in meeting rooms and spaces that can accommodate up to 100 people. Perhaps even better is the Common Ground app, which allows you to quickly reserve meeting rooms and have great coffee and cuisine delivered right to your desk.

3. Atmosphere

Choose a coworking space that fits your aesthetic. Focus on a space that encourages productive work, inspires creativity and creates potential for meaningful networking.

A well-balanced space has the right mix of collaboration, meeting and focus areas to encourage deep work. For example, Common Ground’s design philosophy is “Sleek Tranquility” with application of refined details, natural materials and warm neutral tones to promote productivity.

4. Office Environment

Try to visit the location and have a feel for the lighting, décor and air circulation of the building. Make sure you’re comfortable with the space. Some coworking spaces are really unique and are within a pet friendly zone or even include a childcare center for your convenience.

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5. Flexibility

Being flexible in terms of location and working hours has become the priority of remote workers. If you feel a change of scenery boosts your productivity, then see if the membership plan allows for movement to different office locations among the coworking brand’s network.

At Common Ground for example, full memberships include a global coworking access. Which means you can work from any hot desk in any Common Ground location around the region (Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines).

6. Easy Venue Access

With remote/flexible working, you’ll be working at different times of the day. Be sure to check for the locations operation hours and venue access. Most are open with community staff on duty 9am-6pm weekdays but are closed on weekends.

7. Privacy

Coworking spaces are good for useful networking and collaborations. But sometimes, you may need quiet time or a private section for a P&C phone call. Check if call booths, meeting rooms or private offices are available to suit your needs.

8. Security

You’re going to want to work in a space that you feel secure in. From the building access to the coworking space itself. You want that peace of mind for your personal belongings. Ensure the coworking space has separate member-only access sections and a staff team on duty.

9. High Speed Internet

Ensure there is a stable and fast internet connection for video calls, meetings and emails. Common Ground provides top-notch amenities for businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and remote workers with up to 1 Gbps internet speed so that each person can stay confidently connected and work more efficiently.

10. Good Coffee & Great Food

Very common in coworking spaces are a supply of good coffee. Check out if they offer quality coffee, maybe supplied from an in-house café. Good coffee and good food will maximize your productivity to help you get your work done.

11. Member Benefits

Ask if there are additional benefits on offer? Look out for gym memberships, retail discounts or even business support services which are available for members. Ask the coworking space if they hold daily/weekly events for its community and if they have any exclusive benefits via its brand partnerships for you.

Common Ground for example, has its own proprietary app that connects members with the latest partnership benefits and daily events, as well as with thousands of other members across all of Common Ground’s venues. The app also enables users to book meeting rooms, flights, hotels, airport transfers, HR services, financial services, and more through its Common Hub feature. Community-based, the app’s social newsfeed and business opportunities forum, among other features, further embody Common Ground’s belief in nurturing and championing a synergistic business ecosystem.


12. Additional Costs

Many coworking spaces offer a surplus of benefits, but be sure to check which ones are included in the membership that fits your budget. Don’t be shy to check if the meeting rooms, printing services, event space rentals cost are included or at additional charges before joining.


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