How to Improve Your Productivity: Batch your Work

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate. One way to avoid this and mange your to-do list is by “task batching” 

What is Task Batching? 

Task batching is exactly what it sounds like – batching or grouping your to-do list into similar categories, typically according to the nature of the required work, which would require the same set of skills.

Batching your work will improve daily productivity because you can retain focus better when you are not jumping from one completely different task to another. A large amount of time is spent recovering from this switch, especially if they are completely different in nature, which can be detrimental to your workflow. 

Task batching may be the solution for those who are easily distracted and get overwhelmed by daunting task lists. By batching your responsibilities, and consequently your time, you will be able to get more done, more efficiently! 


  1. List out your responsibilities for the day
  2. Start by grouping these tasks into categories with a similar nature of work or set of skills required.
How you can do this is by grouping the tasks according to their difficulty level. For example, replying to emails and simple data entry tasks can be grouped since they are relatively simple. Similarly, more complex tasks such as report writing or preparing presentations can be grouped together. 

3. Allocate a specific amount of time for each task or category 

Estimate the amount of time you will need to complete a task so you will not get easily distracted. This will also help with daily time management

4. Block your time and start your tasks! 

Once you are already in the momentum of doing a task in a specific batch, avoid jumping from one batch to another as you will need additional time to build momentum again. 

Incorporating Task Batching in Your Daily Routine

Task batching will help to reduce your stress levels when you start to look at your to-do-list with an endless amount of tasks, three batches of work will make your day more manageable and less overwhelming. Make sure to take breaks in between each batch as well. 

Determine which part of your day works best for you to achieve your different types of batches. If you are most productive i nthe morning, tackle your harder batch first and schedule your easier batch for later in the day. If you need to start your day slowly, take your time and start with an easier batch of tasks. 

Discipline and commitment are important during task batching. When you have blocked your time for a batch of tasks, you need to focus on completing this batch. Then, you can take the break that you need before you move on to the next batch and focus once again! 

However, while task batching is a best practice for increasing productivity for some, it may not be the best match for you. Learn to understand your own style of working and how you can maximise your productivity to make the most of your day. If task batching is not for you, you might be a multitasker instead! 

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