Common Ground Launches On-Demand, Pay-As-You-Go Workplace Services

Corporate Flex Solution is Common Ground’s most flexible solution yet giving Malaysian businesses the ability to work near home, be more productive and save office costs.

Kuala Lumpur, 6 April 2021 – Common Ground, Malaysia’s largest leading coworking space, has launched an on-demand, pay-as-you-go service called the Corporate Flex Solution that allows users to drop in to use their award-winning spaces and fully-equipped facilities for as low as RM2.50 per halfhourly blocks.

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The service piloted in February and gives users access to Common Ground’s fully-equipped workspaces, meeting rooms, and also photocopying, printing and courier services across all its retail outlets.

“As companies have started reopening up their businesses, we see a growing demand for a ‘third place’ to work,” says Yvonne Lee, Country Head of Malaysia for Common Ground. “Most people are familiar with the hybrid of working from home or working from the office but now, we’re introducing a new flexible space option for corporates and its employees that is neither home nor office. It’s the added option of working near home.”

How does Corporate Flex Solution work?

“If you already have some commitments or a HQ, Corporate Flex gives your teams a ‘third workspace’ in addition to working from home,” Yvonne explains. “This workspace is available to them how, when and where they need it. They can access any of Common Ground’s locations that are nearest to them and in micro blocks of 30 minutes.”


As an employer, you’ll book a Corporate Flex Solution membership package for your staff, paying a base membership rate per staff. They’ll then have access to all Common Ground locations in Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines, and can use the Common Ground app to find the location closest to them. They’ll be able to check in to whichever outlet they choose, using the facilities as and when they need to. You’ll pay only for the time and facilities that your team members use, whether they need to book a meeting room, host a series of calls or just pop in to use the printer. You can even put a cap on how much credit can be utilised per staff member per month.

“The aim of Corporate Flex is to give great companies the best of in-person and remote work so that their people can enjoy their work, collaborate with their colleagues, and continue to perform at their peak,” Lee says.

Working from home is good but working near home is better

The events of 2020 have shown the world that flexible or remote working is not only possible but can be productive. However, as we head into our second year of the pandemic, it’s clear that improvements can be made. According to a recent survey*, two out of three Malaysians struggle with working from home with 62% of them citing inadequate home office setup or equipment as the reason.

Lee further elaborates: “As a boss, you may be fielding complaints from your team about poor WiFi connections, or a lack of privacy from which to conduct client calls. Maybe they just really want to be able to use the office printer again. How do you balance the safety of your team members against their productivity? And if you’re not prepared to fully reopen your office space, what can you do to provide the resources and space they need?”

“Corporate Flex Solution is therefore perfect also for companies that are currently in limbo as they reflect on their office leasing strategy and how best to keep productivity up while saving costs and keeping employees safe.”

Who is Corporate Flex for?

“If you’re trying to balance your people strategy with your office strategy, here’s where Corporate Flex bridges that,” Yvonne says. “Working from home may have worked for some people but learning from the majority of our current members, it is still not the ideal set-up.”

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Corporate Flex will work for your company if your staff predominantly work from home, but still need a conducive and productive workspace to collaborate. Maybe you’re looking to downsize on your permanent office space to save on fixed costs during these uncertain times; maybe you’re keen to introduce more flexibility to keep your staff engaged and motivated. Corporate Flex gives you the bandwidth to allow your staff that flexibility, while also providing a structured and conducive workspace for them to use and when they need it.

Why it works so well

It’s the flexibility that’s so great. In Malaysia, there are 12 locations around the Klang Valley and Penang, and soon Johor, so that no matter where they are, users will have a great base to work from. With pricing as low as RM2.50 per 30-minute block and the ability to add or reduce staff memberships as the business needs, employers only pay for exactly what is used, without the traditional fixed overheads of a full-time office. Also, with no deposits, no long-term commitment and the ability to terminate anytime with credits fully refundable, companies can sign-up and plan accordingly with the demands of their own business.

Then there are the benefits Common Ground is famed for: the inspiring interior design and friendly customer service. You can make use of Common Ground’s great event spaces, cafes, membership benefits and private offices. And of course, the vibrant community of like-minded companies and collaborative opportunities.

“At Common Ground, we’ve always been champions of modern, flexible working solutions to suit your working style, and our newest offering has been designed with current events in mind. Corporate Flex is a flexible workspace solution that allows you to make the most of our award-winning spaces and amenities.”


For more information on Corporate Flex Solution click here, or email us at

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