Be a Superhero in Your Community

Whether it’s volunteering at your local food bank or donating money to someone in need, there are many little ways you can or are already giving back to the larger community. Here are more suggestions on how to continue being a positive influence within your neighbourhood and community.

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Promote Local Businesses
One of the easiest ways to give back is to support and help out local businesses. Buy from and share the local businesses’ contacts with others. Cross networking also helps you reach more people and help out other local business owners just like you–a win-win!

Donate Your Time
Another effective way of giving back is volunteering your time at places like your local non-profit, school, homeless or animal shelters. It can make a lot of difference to the community.

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Random Acts of Kindness
Don’t undervalue simple gestures of kindness: landing a hand to a neighbour; passing on a kind word to a stranger, or buying a homeless person lunch are little generous acts that leave a lasting impression.

Plant A Tree
With air pollution becoming a growing issue, planting a tree is a great feel-good thing to do. With each tree planted, we decrease toxicity in the environment and also do our little bit to help wildlife to thrive. You can volunteer here to learn more about planting trees.

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Support Local Farmers
Give back to the farmers by shopping at the local farmers’ market or farm stands. You may not be able to do all your grocery shopping there but buying a little free produce can help support their business. Here is one of many places you can visit to get your organic vegetables to be delivered.

Recycle your Plastics
Whenever you recycle used materials like plastics, they get converted into new products. Great perk: You may even get money in exchange for recycling your plastic material at your local recycling center. Make your recycling easier here.

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Donate Your Blood
Give the gift of life by donating blood at your local hospitals. Just for about an hour of your time, you get to help save lives sometime in the future for medical procedures or a medical emergency.

Share your skills
There are many communities that need your help with small or large tasks – so you can always help out. Not sure where to start? How about sharing your talent with underprivileged children. Here’s where you can start.

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Be a superhero in your community

Be a superhero in your community

Whether it’s volunteering at your local food bank…