Creating the Best Work Experience

What goes into creating a positive work environment? Well, if you asked anyone a decade ago what they valued in a work environment, they might have described someplace tucked away – perhaps isolated in an office cubicle, or even in the seclusion of their own homes. Prioritizing factors such as solitude and privacy, most of them would likely grapple with understanding today’s phenomenon of flexible working.

Today, our culture of working just isn’t the same anymore. With job roles straying from singular disciplines and managers abandoning the long-held treasured notion of skill-compartmentalization, companies both large and small have organically shifted into a new era of connective and intersectional entrepreneurship. So if our understanding of what a modern business is has drastically expanded and complexified, our definition of what a positive work environment is must change too.

In embracing this newfound approach of entrepreneurship, read on below to understand the five largest components of building an ideal work experience:

  • Proper digital channels

    Stable and fast internet connection is a staple in any given productive work environment. With recent technological advances paving the way for untethered access to information, compounded by the rate of our ever-booming globalization, data-gathering and sharing, marketing, internal and external communications, among many other critical processes, are increasingly shifting into the digital sphere. In building a digitally-conducive environment, your workspace must be equipped with the right virtual softwares, digital platforms, broadband connection, and electronic devices

  • Comfortable workspace

    While this might seem readily apparent and straightforward for most people, this aspect is still commonly overlooked by those looking to nurture an ideal work environment. A productive workspace should be comfortable and aesthetically calming – free of distractions and clutter, as the goal is to provide a focused and clear headspace for your employees. With this being said, some particularly beneficial factors to consider are ergonomic furniture, ample natural light, spaciousness, and quietness

  • Collaboration-centric

    Given that the majority of modern job roles no longer exist in vacuums compartmentalized away from each other, and instead, emphasize the need for inter-departmental discussion and support, a positive work environment should lend itself to collaboration. Therefore, in creating a productive working atmosphere, there should be sufficient open spaces dedicated to fostering synergy amongst your employees. One might consider abandoning the structure of cubicles entirely, and implementing open-format workspaces to boost collaboration and reduce silos.

  • Work-life balance

    We hear the term ‘work-life balance’ all the time, but what does it really mean? It means creating a community that nourishes and champions a healthy lifestyle within and beyond the office walls. Gone are the days where working 13-hour days ranked you as employee of the month – instead, employers should take measures to prioritize the overall lifestyle of their employees by integrating other pivotal aspects of life, such as fitness, the arts, socializing, and more. Not only will this boost spirits and morale, but it also bolsters team cohesiveness and productivity.

  • Training and development

    A positive work experience encourages employees to become the best version of themselves. It puts forth the notion that learning is a journey – and facilitates individuals in their pursuit of new skills, interests, and talents. In other words, employers should invest in their employees. Aim to provide opportunities that enable your team members to either upskill and/or reskill their talents. After all, employees are more likely to value a company that helps them grow and develop.


Common Ground –

Malaysia’s largest coworking space and community – serves as an example of why we should move on from outdated, traditional workplace models. From curating weekly events across lifestyle and professional areas, to offerings dozens of workshops on their learning platform Common Minds, the company provides individuals with a comprehensive system that advocates for them beyond the office walls.


People do their best work in environments that suit them best – and in keeping up with the ever-changing dynamics of the business landscape, Common Ground understands that a rented office space on its own hardly suffices at nurturing a conducive work experience. The real work and reward is in all the other details.

If you are interested in an alternative working environment, check out this list by Trusted Malaysia that curates their top picks for coworking spaces across Malaysia.


Click on Trusted Malaysia to find out more!


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