20 Remote Working Tips

More than ever, the world has adapted to remote working because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your just starting out or looking to improve, these simple tips can help you be more productive and achieve better work life balance.

1. Create a Morning Routine

Start the day with a routine and decide on a time to sit down at your desk. You can go a step further and start with a cup of coffee, going through a to-do list and then checking your emails. Everyone has their own habits, make it personal.

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2. Maintain Regular Working Hours

Create a schedule for when to work and when to get some rest.

3. Set Clear Ground Rules with People Who Share The Space

Set ground rules with family members about when your working. Whether you have a virtual meeting or you just need some quiet time.

4. Ask For Work Essentials From The Company

Request from your company for the necessary equipment you need to WFH. These can be a laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair, desk, printer, software etc.

5. Keep a Dedicated Office Space

Try to maintain a dedicated space in your home or desk for work activities. This helps with the focus to get your best work done.

6. Utilise a Separate Work Phone Number

Set up a separate number or channel for calls with clients, colleagues.

It dosen’t have to be a SIM, it can just be a VoIP service.

Common Ground Virtual Office includes a VOIP service within the Hello CG app. Learn More about Virtual Office

7. Show Up to Meetings and Speak Up

Speak up and share your thoughts with your team or colleagues.

8. Have a Positive Mindset

In remote work settings, everyone must embody a positive spirit. Embrace the ! mark and find your favourite emoji. But use them appropriately to convey the right message.

9. Schedule Breaks

Give yourself time away from the computer screen and phone. Stand up, stretch, and walk around regularly.

10. Take Breaks For Its Entirety

Make full use of your lunch break. If you are allocated an hour, take the hour in its entirety if possible then get back to work.

Courtesy: V.Karpovich

Courtesy: V.Karpovich

11. Leave the House

Get out of the house and move your body. Go for a short walk before, during or after working hours. Get some fresh air and natural sunlight and move around to get the body’s blood circulation flowing.

12. Socialise with Colleagues Virtually

Loneliness, disconnect and isolation are common issues during the remote work life. Companies often create social activities and platforms for staff, members to connect virtually.

CG app is the perfect solution for our existing members.


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13. Be Proactive

Show your passion and interest for your job. Ask a lot of questions. If your done with a task, inform your manager/colleagues and request if there’s any additional work to be done.

14. Keep an eye out for Professional Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars

When not in office environment you might miss out on skill development courses. Be on the look out and request for organisation to cover the costs for online training to improve yourself in business skills such as programming, software skills and other courses.

Common Ground are still hosting virtual events weekly. Stay tuned to our socials @commonground.work for the details

Common Minds offers accredited courses, workshops and more. Check out HRDF claimable courses and Common Minds

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15. Overcommunicate with your Team

Working remotely requires that everyone overcommunicate. Tell your team your schedule and availability. Don’t assume they will remember it. When you finish an important task, let them know. This isn’t a long essay of every move you made, a small note or message will be enough.

16. Take Advantage of Being at Home

Working from home comes with unique perks. Take advantage of them. Get your work done, but in the extra time, use it to enjoy some hobbies such as baking, yoga, spend time with family, workout, play with pets etc.

17. Use a VPN

If pandemic restrictions allow it and you can work remotely using WIFI from public spaces like cafes, libraries and hotels use a VPN. Organisations often have their own VPN that allow off site employees to use for access to certain servers or information only meant for internal use to ensure security and company privacy.

18. When Unwell, Use Your Sick Days

When unwell, take the time off. If sick days are part of the compensation package, take the time off to rest. For better long term productivity, be ready to go back stronger and ready to work at full capacity.

19. Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself or Others

Everyone gets distracted sometimes. If you find yourself working one minute and then searching funny YouTube videos or Instagram Reels don’t reprimand yourself too harshly. Instead, give yourself some slack, then get back to work. Above all, you need to balance productivity with some self care to avoid burning out.

20. End the Day with a Routine

Just as you start your day with a routine, create a habit to mark the end of a workday. It might be a message into the team chat or an evening walk. Something as simple as shutting down the work laptop. Whatever you choose, make a consistent habit to bring a close to a productive workday.


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