Reclaim Your Mental Space

How often when you’re on vacation are you more concerned about taking the perfect Instagram picture than enjoying yourself? The amount of mental energy we give our phones, specifically social media, could be put to much better use. Here’s a helpful list for when you want to do a social media detox/diet.

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Delete the apps
It’s very irresistible to check in on what’s happening around you when it’s super accessible on your phone. As such, limit access to it by deleting the app on your phone and just access it whenever you need to via your desktop browser.

Put your phones away
Designate a couple of hours either at night or on a weekend to put your phone as far away from you as physically possible. Turn it on Do Not Disturb mode and turn your full attention towards something else. You will be amazed by how much more fulfilling these activities will feel without having the distraction of your phone nearby.

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Conquer your FOMO
(fear of missing out)

Social media is engineered to be as addictive as possible – when you first stop using social media, you can expect some withdrawal symptoms. Scientists say that this is due to the natural fear of missing out on something. After all, you could miss something entertaining or important if you step away from your laptop or smartphone.

Be picky about who you follow
If you’re going to limit your time on social media, then make sure you’re actually enjoying what you consume. If you end up skipping someone’s Stories because you’re uninterested or they sap energy from you, then unfollow them. Only follow people who you truly care about or provide you with real inspiration or valuable content. This advice seems obvious, but often we forget to filter our thousands of “friends” in addition to our photos.

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Begin living in the moment
Social media may be a good way to document your life, but it can also become a burden that takes you out of the moment. If you’re living everything through the lens of social media instead of directly interacting with it, your experiences may be of lower quality and become less memorable. Just remember to be in the moment and reconnect with the people around you as much as possible.

Create Your Boundaries
Create boundaries or rules where you only allow yourself to open social media apps after some tasks are done or after a certain time: for instance, you only allow yourself to be on social media after 10pm daily.

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