International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

Common Ground celebrates International Women’s Day to unite women, celebrate their achievement and forge equality. Participate in the global movement to cross your arms to show solidarity in support to #BreakTheBias against gender bias, discrimination and stereotypes.

Managing Burnout During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has been part of our everyday reality for most of 2020 and now well into 2021. If you are tired of constantly worrying about everything, you may be suffering from pandemic fatigue, and you are not alone. These tips won’t make COVID-19 go away but they may help you better handle the pandemic fatigue.

Lawyers, Welcome to the World of Coworking

We open our doors to the Malaysian law community in accordance with the latest Malaysian Bar Council and Legal Profession Committee announcement of Virtual Offices. Our services prioritise privacy and confidentiality with separate mail handling, meeting rooms, private offices and call booths are available for members. We’ve also developed health and safety SOPs with physical distancing protocols and regular venue sanitization exercises. Request for a quote today!

So Little Time, So Matcha To Do!

There are just too many good things to say about green tea to include them all here, so we’ve listed a couple of benefits we like about it and also suggestions on popular matcha joints in town. Enjoy!

Creating the Best Work Experience

What goes into creating a positive work environment? Well, if you asked anyone a decade ago what they valued in a work environment, they might have described someplace tucked away – perhaps isolated in an office cubicle, or even in the seclusion of their own homes. Prioritizing factors such as solitude and privacy, most of them would likely grapple with understanding today’s phenomenon of flexible working.

Reclaim Your Mental Space

How often when you’re on vacation are you more concerned about taking the perfect Instagram picture than enjoying yourself? The amount of mental energy we give our phones, specifically social media, could be put to much better use. Here’s a helpful list for when you want to do a social media detox/diet.

Keeping Healthy and Boosting Immunity

An essential part of society is still restricted, the ‘New Normal’ is just, normal. Your work has a new-found balance amidst the constant change and you’re no longer wondering what day it is. Now it is time to put your health as a priority and keep your body in its best shape to take on […]

Level up your weekends!

Are you thinking of the weekend already? If you feel you’ve been wasting away your weekends, and would prefer something that would get your heart racing, we’ve curated a list of adrenaline-pumping activities to consider.

Keep your Kids Enriched

In life, the key to growth is learning through experiences. During the MCO some of you may have struggled to find new ways to keep your kids occupied and entertained, especially while you’re trying to conduct meetings or get into the flow of work. So we came up with a list that you and your kids can enjoy and hopefully learning a thing or two from!

Coffee, anyone?

This one’s for all the coffee lovers! Get a dose of your favourite fuel delivered to you! Check out the list of places that deliver a cuppa.