Innovation Comes From Weak Ties

If you think there isn’t much to gain from casual acquaintances especially when it comes to your work and business, then you need to rethink how your weak ties could actually work for you.

Are you holding meetings correctly?

When it comes to better hybrid working practices, it is ideal that time is used efficiently – just as in any other work situation, of course. However, what’s new and different in a hybrid working meeting is that some of the participants might be at the office in person, while some might be attending virtually.

Reduce Bureaucracy, Increase Productivity

entities and organisations are always looking for ways to increase productivity but perhaps they should focus on reducing bureaucracy first before attempting to implement even more processes at the workplace.

Apps to Keep you Hustling

Our day-to-day lives have changed at a fundamental level- which means that our survivability is heavily reliant on our capability to adapt and function within these new parameters. Here, we’ve specially curated a list of productivity apps that range from company-wide task management tools to attention-focusing apps

Zoom 101: A Quick Guide To The Right Online Etiquette

Online communication has been around for a long time now, but many of us have still preferred face to face interactions, only until recently. With the rise of virtual communication tools like Zoom, communication in the workspace is evolving and we’re here to help with that. So, while we navigate Zoom and its hacks, we’ve prepared this guide on the right online communication etiquette.